Autobusni kolodvor Zagreb



ažurirano: 19.09.2020. 15:21

Traffic flow and road conditions

Due to strong wind on the part of the DC8 Adriatic road Novi Vinodolski-Senj there is a traffic ban on: doubledeckers, trailers and motorcycles.

Wind is blowing also on the A6 Rijeka-Zagreb motorway from Kikovica to Tuhobić tunnel.

At Krk bridge, where roadwork is in progress, there is a 500-metre long traffic jam towards the island and a 3-km-long traffic jam towards the mainland.

Due to the 2nd Pula Marathon there can be delays and traffic closure on most streets in the city of Pula today (19 September) 7pm-10.30pm.

During the day delays may occur in roadwork areas.

Drivers are asked to be patient, to adjust the driving style and speed to the road conditions as well as to keep distance. With the bad weather (rain, fog, clouds) the headlights have to be on during the day as well.

Restrictions in traffic:
A1 Zagreb-Split-Ploče motorway:
  • until 30 September traffic will be occasionally suspended for short periods of time at Žuta Lokva junction Monday-Thursday until 10am and again after 6pm; Fridays until 9am and again after 6pm due to abnormal load;
  • at Konjsko tunnel one lane is free only in each direction until 30 September (speed limit of 60 km/h);
  • one lane is free only between Otočac and Perušić junctions in both directions from 21 September until 27 November (driving speed limit of 60 km/h);
A2 Zagreb-Macelj motorway:
  • 22, 23 and 24 September, 29 and 30 September as well as 1 October 8pm-5am traffic is suspended between Krapina and Trakošćan junctions in both directions, detour: DC1 state road;
  • between Zaprešić and Sveti Križ Začretje junctions 20th-23rd km, 27th-30th km as well as on the section Krapina-Sveti Križ Začretje (in the roadwork area) one lane is free in both directions;
A3 Bregana-Lipovac motorway:
  • one lane is free only between Kosnica and Buzin junctions 30th-28th km in direction Bregana until 23 September;
  • Otok Svibovski junction will be closed to traffic until 1 December due to roadworks, detour: through Ivanja Reka junction and the village Ivanja Reka;
  • until 30 September the off-ramp from direction Bregana and the on-ramp in direction Lipovac at Županja junction will be closed to traffic, detour: Velika Kopanica, Babina Greda and Spačva junctions;
A7 Rupa-Diračje motorway:
  • traffic is occasionally suspended four times for about 15 minutes: 22 September 9pm-5am at Rupa border crossing in direction Rijeka as well as at Vrata Jadrana rest area (17th km) in direction Rijeka; 23 September 9pm-5am at Vrata Jadrana rest area (18th km) in direction Rupa as well as at Diračje junction (19th km) in direction Rijeka; 24 September 9pm-5am at Škurinje 2 tunnel (23rd km) in direction Rijeka;
Krk bridge/DC102 state road:
  • until 10 June 2021 (except in the period 20 December-11 January) 1st-2nd km one lane is free only in each direction;
A8/A9 highway in Istria:
  • between Rogovići and Vranja junctions temporary traffic regulation will be in operation due to construction work, traffic will be suspended for a short time; there is a traffic ban on abnormal load wider than 3 m;
  • there are traffic bans on abnormal load on the following sections: Kanfanar junction - Medaki junction (max. width 2.75 m); Medaki junction-Kanfanar junction (max. width 2.75 m); Rogovići junction-Ivoli junction (max. width 3 m); Ivoli junction-Cerovlje junction (max. width 3 m); Cerovlje junction-Lupoglav junction (max. width 3 m); Lupoglav junction-Vranja junction (max. width 3 m);
DC1 state road:
  • until 17 November traffic is suspended in Jastrebarsko due to construction work, there is a local detour;
DC8 Adriatic road:
  • traffic is closed between Baćina village (Pećina part) and Čeveljuša junction due to roadwork till 27 October, detour: DC8-Baćina-Kula-Karamatići-Rogotin-DC8;

DC2 state road:

  • the section between Osijek and Bizovac is closed to traffic due to roadwork till 8 November, detour for freight vehicles from direction Našice: DC2 state road-DC515 state road to the Đakovo bypass-DC7 state road to the Osijek bypass-DC2 state road and vice versa; automobile traffic is redirected to the LC44054 local road through the village of Satnica;
DC38 Brestovac-Pleternica state road:
  • traffic is suspended till 28 February, detour for passenger traffic: through local road, detour for freight vehicles over 7,5 tonnes: Ferovac (DC51/ ŽC4030)-Kutjevo (ŽC4101)-Vetovo (ŽC4101)-Biškupci (ŽC4100)-Pasikovci (ŽC4113/DC38)-Brestovac (DC38) or Jakšić (ŽC4116)-Vetovo (ŽC4101)-Biškupci (ŽC4100)-Pasikovci (ŽC4113/DC38)-Brestovac (DC38).
There are a large number of cyclists, moped riders and motorcyclists on Croatian roads every day. Other drivers should be especially mindful of them when merging with the traffic flow, changing lanes, overtaking, passing, making U-turns, or turning, and should be careful not to ignore their right of way at crossroads. Cyclists, moped riders and motorcyclists must also follow the traffic regulations and speed limits.

In view of the numerous questions we receive concerning travel to Croatia's neighboring countries, we advise travelers and drivers to consult the official website of the Croatian Government for up-to-date information on COVID-19 ( and the official website of the Croatian Automobile Club (, where they will find up-to-date information on the COVID-19 epidemic and its implications on the traffic.
For all inquiries concerning Slovenia and Bosnia and Herzegovina, please consult the websites of their respective traffic information centers ( ili