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Instructions for ticket purchase online

Instructions for ticket purchase online

Passengers of Zagreb Bus Terminal can now purchase their tickets from the comfort of their home via ZBT’s website.  Tickets  can  be  paid  using  Maestro,  MasterCard  and  VISA  credit  cards.  Up  to  four  tickets  can  be purchased in a single transaction.  During  the  purchase  process,  type  of  ticket,  discount  and  desired  seat  in  the  bus  can  be  selected. Please note that in case a client purchase a ticket with a discount, according to General sales terms and  conditions  for  online  ticket  purchase  (article 3,  section  3),  a  transport  company’s  staff  has  the right  to  request  a  proof  of  the  right  for  discount.  In  case  such  a  proof  cannot  be  provided,  a passenger  is  obliged  to  pay  the  difference  between  discount  and  full  ticket  price.  If  the  passenger refuses  to  pay  that  difference,  transport  company’s  staff  has  the  right  to  deny  passenger  from  boarding the bus. 

The procedure of online purchase is very simple. The customer should first select link “Departures- Arrivals”.  Upon  loading  of  that  web  page,  customer  should  select  desired  destination  and  date  of journey  and  click  “Search”  button.  This  will  display  all  available  departures  for  that  date,  together with an overview of prices and stopovers. Next to “Prices” a “Buy” button will be displayed. Please not that online purchase is not available for departures that leave within next 2 hours, so in those cases there will be no “Buy” button displayed.

Upon clicking the “Buy” button, remaining time for completion of the transaction will be displayed together  with  a  layout  of  seats  in  the  bus.  Free  seats  will  be  displayed  in  blue  color  and  can  be selected  by  clicking  on  them  (up  to  4  seats).    When  you  select  the  seat,  a  drop  down  menu  will appear where you can select desired type of the ticket. In order to continue purchase process, you need to accept “General sales terms and conditions for online ticket purchase”. Mention terms and conditions can be read here.  When General sales terms and conditions for online ticket purchase are accepted, button “Purchase” will become active and you can proceed with the process.

Passenger  will  also  receive  via  e-mail  a  confirmation together with coupon for ticket pick up.   Based on transaction number, ticket can be picked up on Zagreb Bus Terminal’s ticket office from 00: to  24  every  day,  up  to  30  minutes  before  departure  of  the  bus.  Up  to  4  tickets  can  be  purchased through one transaction.  For  additional  information  and  help,  please  call  +385  1  6008  610  or  send  an  e-mail  to (6:00 – 22:00)   

Upon clicking “Purchase”, you will be transferred to  payment page where all buyers’ data needs to be  filled.  Please  not  that  active  e-mail  address  is  needed  since  it  will  be  the  address  where confirmation  and  coupon  for  ticket  pickup  will  be  sent.  Also,  you  will  need  to  enter  all  credit  card data to finalize the purchase. Upon authorizing the payment, a screen with all transaction data will be  displayed  and  this  screen  can  be  printed.