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Traffic flow and road conditions

Traffic flow and road conditions

Source: HAK

ažurirano: 20.05.2018. 18:35

Traffic flow and road conditions

Traffic is flowing with delays on Zagreb detour road (A3) between Lučko and Jankomir junctions in direction Bregana.

Due to a traffic accident traffic is suspended on the DC8 Adriatic road at Seget Vranjica, detour: ŽC6132 Trogir-Vranjica regional road.

Due to strong wind on the section of the DC8 Adriatic road Novi Vinodolski-Sveta Marija Magdalena there is a traffic ban on: doubledeckers, trailers and motorcycles.
Wind is blowing also on the A1 motorway from Sveti Rok tunnel to Božići viaduct and on the A6 Rijeka-Zagreb motorway from Kikovica to Tuhobić tunnel (driving speed limit).

Roads are wet and slippery in Dalmatia.

The driving speed has to be reduced on the A1 motorway at 392nd km in direction Dubrovnik due to breakdown, at Lički Osik rest area at 175th km in direction Dubrovnik due to a traffic accident.

During the day difficulties can occur in roadwork areas.

Drivers are asked to adjust the driving speed to road conditions and to keep the safety distance between the vehicles. With the bad weather the headlights have to be on during the day as well.

Roadworks on the motorways - one lane is free only in both directions:
  • on the A1 Zagreb-Split-Ploče motorway through Sveti Rok tunnel as well as from Sveti Rok tunnel to Božići viaduct;
  • on the A2 Zagreb-Macelj between Zabok and Zaprešić junctions 24th-23rd km, at Đurmanec tunnel 52nd-55th km;
  • on the A3 Bregana-Lipovac between Ježevo rest area and Ivanić Grad junction, between Babina Greda junction and Rastovica rest area 263rd-269th km;
  • on the A4 Goričan-Zagreb between Ivanja Reka and Kraljevečki Novaki, Breznički Hum and Komin junctions (traffic jams are possible). At Kraljevečki Novaki junction traffic is closed at the entrance from direction Sesvete towards Ivanja Reka;
  • on the A6 Rijeka-Zagreb from Vrbovsko junction to Čardak tunnel 23rd-17th km, between Delnice and Ravna Gora junctions 38th-42nd km, through Sleme tunnel.
Due to roadworks traffic is suspended:
  • at DC3/DC8 state road intersection between Matulji and Učka tunnel, detour: A7 motorway Jurdani/Diračje junction;
  • on the DC75 Zambratija-Umag state road at Stella Maris campsite till 18 May;
  • on the DC75 state road at Karigador;
  • on the DC206 Hum na Sutli-Kostel state road.
Traffic is regulated by traffic signals/one road lane is free only:
  • on the DC1 Jastrebarsko-Karlovac state road;
  • on the DC1 between Budačka Rijeka and Grabovac till 15 June;
  • on the DC1 Knin-Sinj state road from Suhač to Karakašica till 25 May;
  • on the DC1 state road at Knin, between Knin and Kijevo till 25 May;
  • on the DC2 state road in Vukovar;
  • on the DC8 Adriatic road in Makarska (Moča part), at Adriatic campsite in Primošten, at Doli, at Dubrovnik airport intersection.