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Traffic flow and road conditions

Traffic flow and road conditions

Source: HAK

ažurirano: 27.01.2021. 20:48

Traffic flow and road conditions

Roads are partly wet and due to low temperatures very slippery, especially bridges and viaducts. Due to fog visibility is reduced.

Drivers are asked to adjust the driving style and speed to the road conditions as well as to keep distance. Recommended: Do not start the journey without winter equipment!

Due to winter driving conditions there is a traffic ban on freight vehicles with a trailer and all other vehicles have to use the winter equipment on some roads of Gorski kotar and Lika mountain areas. The list of the roads You can check on the interactive map.

DC547 Sveti Rok-Mali Alan state road and ŽC5199 Sušanj-Štirovača regional roads are closed for all traffic.

Delays are possible on most roads leading to Petrinja, Glina and Sisak (Sisačko-moslavačka county).
Due to earthquake traffic is suspended on the DC30 state road at Petrinja (a local detour), on the DC3 state road at the place Dubravci it is proceeding with difficulties.

During the day difficulties can occur in roadwork areas.

Restrictions in traffic:
A1 Zagreb-Split-Ploče motorway:
  • until 21 February at Drežnik viaduct in direction Dubrovnik traffic is flowing in reduced lanes (possible delays);
Krk bridge/DC102 state road:
  • 1st-2nd km one lane is free only in each direction until 1 March 2021 (driving speed limit of 30 km/h);
A8/A9 highway in Istria:
  • until 31 January between Rogovići and Ivoli junctions in direction Rijeka traffic is regulated by traffic lights, there is a traffic ban on abnormal load heavier than 3 m;
  • there are traffic bans on the following sections: Cerovlje junction-Lupoglav junction (max. width 3m), Lupoglav junction-Vranja junction in direction Rijeka a traffic ban on abnormal load; Vranja junction-Lupoglav junction in direction Istria (max. width 3 m);
DC2 state road:
  • traffic is suspended between Osijek and Bizovac until 15 March 2021;
DC8 Adriatic road:
  • until 3 May 2021 at Podgora one lane is free only;
  • traffic is closed between Baćina village (Pećina part) and Čeveljuša junction due to roadwork until February 2021, detour: DC8-Baćina-Kula-Karamatići-Rogotin-DC8;
  • until 15 April at Rokići junction near Šibenik traffic is flowing with delays;
DC70 Omiš (DC8)-Naklice-Gata-Blato n/C junction (A1) state road:
  • every day 9am-11am, 5pm-7pm traffic is suspended for about 30 minutes from Galeb factory to Zakučac intersection, detour: DC8 Adriatic road-Omiš-Podstrana (Strožanac)-Ž6142 regional road-Podstrana (Strožanac)-Žrnovnica-Srinjine-Tugare-Naklice.
The headlights have to be on during the day as well (1 November-31 March).
Until 15 April 2021 winter equipment is mandatory on Croatian roads with frequent winter driving conditions.